Comprehensive System with Blower/Cyclones/Fine-Filtration/Rotary Under-seal. In this system, dust can be collected to a Bin, Tractor Trailor, room or a Bag as desired. Can be considered as one of the most advance comprehensive systems available in the world. Suitable for large dust capacity requirements.
System with Blower/Cyclones/Fine-Filtration/Collection Room. In this system, once the room is filled, dust has to be taken out from the room with human intervention. Suitable for large dust capacity requirements..
System with Blower/Cyclone/Fine Filtration unit integrated with the Wood Saw Dust Fire Chamber. The cyclone is designed so as to have a suitable under-flow thereby using part of Blower Air to provide extra oxygen to burn collected saw dust almost instantaneously.
System with Blower/Fine Filtration Unit. Suitable for small dust capacities or Fine Particles.
Custom built Dust Extraction System for the Tea Industry.