We are the leading manufacturer & provider of Dust Management Systems and equipment to numerous industries such as Wood, Metal, Printing, Tea, Textile, etc in Sri Lanka. From the point of Dust Generation, our systems are capable of transporting these particles to a suitable designated location for further processing or otherwise. Our systems are designed with a deep understanding of the underlying physics and engineering aspects related to Dust Management thereby providing Reliable, Energy Efficient State of the Art Systems. Our Research & Development Division continually develops new technologies & equipment to meet demands of the modern industrial world.

During the past few years, state of the art comprehensive dust collection systems have been installed in major government organisations, private organisations, medium to small scale factories in the areas of Woodworking, Rubber, Packaging, Tea Processing, etc by us. Our systems are robust, stable, reliable, energy efficient and well engineered.

Dust Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Machinery Giant Alcobronz Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. The company has strong links to Australia and continuously collaborates with Australian Engineers/Professionals in developing its range of products.